Far-Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Pad-Medium

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Far-Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Pad-Medium

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Medium 21 x 30 x .5 * Far-infrared Heat Therapy Healing Pad features far-infrared heat negative ions and natural jade * When the jade is heated it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 2 to 3 inches below the skin. * Therasage Far-Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Pads are a superior heat therapy product that is an extremely high quality highly effective heating pad * Relieves pain * Far-infrared heat stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels bringing oxygen to joints and extremities speeding the healing of sprains and strains thus relieving pain and reducing the time it takes to recover from an injury * Improves blood circulation * Reduces tension and stress * Helps remove toxins & improves flexibility * Improves immune system * Therasage Healing Pad features negative ions which are odorless tasteless and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments; think of mountains waterfalls and beaches. Once they reach to our bloodstream negative ion therapy is believed to produce biochemical reactions helping to relieve stress (calming) alleviate depression boost our daytime energy and increase defense against infection * One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warrant *

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