Jay Easy Cushion 16 W x 16 D Flat Base

Jay Easy Cushion 16 W x 16 D Flat Base

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Jay Easy Cushion 16 W x 16 D Flat Base

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FLAT BASE * 16 W x 16 D * Designed for the client who has symmetrical or mild asymmetrical posture needing moderate postural support * Provides moderate lateral stability moderate forward/rearward stability and pressure relief * Provides a stable base of support * Thelightweight pre-contoured foam provides a stable base of support * The built-in medial and lateral thigh support promotes optimal thigh positioning * The curved base version counteracts the negative effects associated with sling upholstery providing a level sitting surface * The flat base version is for use with a seat pan or with the optional solid seat insert to provide extra postural stability while discouraging the cushion from slinging with the chair upholstery * Most suitable for the client at moderate risk of skin breakdown * The Jay FlowTM fluid TripadTM design assists in mainting fluid under the at-risk bony areas * The Jay FlowTM fluid in combination with the foam base conforms to bony prominences distributes pressure more evenly and reduces peak pressures * Additional sizes are available upon request. Please call for details. *

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